Herritage day
Roshnee Primary School Herritage day

Roshnee Primary School is fortunate enough to cater for children of various cultures.  This gives the school the opportunity to not only teach the learners about different cultures,  but to experience these cultures in their variety. 

We live in a rainbow nation.  This empowers us to build a future on these unique characteristics.  The youth of our society needs to learn about different cultures, and mutual respect over the various boundries.  
Our herritage day celebration was a day to remember!   Learners worked hard to learn steps, songs and speeches.  The co-ordinator of this programme, Me Lebodu, made sure everybody knew what to do, and how to do it.  With the sounds of  “Daar kom die Alibama”  and other Afrikaans songs,  the first group, “Die Kaapse klopse”,   was on stage.  We also experienced a wide variety of dances including: Indian,  Sotho,  Zulu and Xhosa to name but a few.  The learners enjoyed every moment!  They  had the opportunity to adress the audience about these different cultures and heritages.    A great opportunity not missed. Teaching and educating learners as well as adults, about who we are and what compassion towards divirsity is.
A Gift To The Future!